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Panties Panties everywhere... - PANTECHNICON
Eating red meat since 2006...

teh_biel posting in Pantechnicon
User: pantechnicon (posted by teh_biel)
Date: 2006-09-24 10:14
Subject: Panties Panties everywhere...
Security: Public
...and not a drop to drink!

Well, okay, maybe that was somewhat nonsensical. But let me assure you that I have a point, and I am going somewhere with this. Trust me.

You all know where the fabulous Pantechnicon resides, right? http://www.pantechnicon.net

You all know we have some great interviews, stories, and stuff, right? Even a competition! Where you can win REAL stuff, not virtual stuff...

So post to the pantechnicon community. Let us know what you thought of Issue One. Were the stories good? Did you like the interviews? Who would you like us to speak to NEXT issue? What would you like to see more / less of?

C'mon. Join in :D
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