Pantechnicon Issue Two launched!


Issue #2 kicks off with an exclusive interview with novelist, screenwriter, producer and director, STEPHEN GALLAGHER.

With FIVE all new stories:


INVASIONS by Sean Parker

REFLECTION by Joe Cottle

THE ARTEFACT by Matthew S. Carroll

VISIONS by Neil Burlington

AND the conclusion of the highly acclaimed,
TIN LITTER by Jonathan Cooper

AS WELL AS the continuation of our fantasy epic,
LONDON CALLING by Trudi Topham

For further details, please visit our website. And don't forget, you can talk about the stories in this (and the previous) issue with the authors at our forum! See you there...

Editors: Andy Frankham-Allen & Trudi Topham
Assistant Editors: Jonathan Cooper & Rhys Elliott.

Unless otherwise stated all material is © 2006-2007 Pantechnicon Publishing
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Oh dear!

Yes, it HAS been rather quiet, hasn't it?

So let's have a recap:

1: Troo's damaged her back, and hasn't gotten online in a while, as she can't sit at a computer for very long. Whoops!

2: Joe Lidster has said that he thoroughly enjoyed Issue One!

3: We've interviewed a certain someone. Soon we'll reveal who! Damn, it's awesome, though!

4: Issue Two's gonna be bigger, sexier, and more amazing than Issue One!

That's all for now ;)
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Panties Panties everywhere...

...and not a drop to drink!

Well, okay, maybe that was somewhat nonsensical. But let me assure you that I have a point, and I am going somewhere with this. Trust me.

You all know where the fabulous Pantechnicon resides, right?

You all know we have some great interviews, stories, and stuff, right? Even a competition! Where you can win REAL stuff, not virtual stuff...

So post to the pantechnicon community. Let us know what you thought of Issue One. Were the stories good? Did you like the interviews? Who would you like us to speak to NEXT issue? What would you like to see more / less of?

C'mon. Join in :D
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Two excellent bits of news have hit us at Panties Towers today! One... one, well, we can't reveal yet. Top secret stuff for Issue Two. We're crazy mad excited about it though!

Two? Two, we've had an email from one Stephen Gallagher, advising how much he enjoyed our Harryhausen article...

Oh yeah. Yeah baby!

Thank you, Stephen. We're terribly flattered!

Submissions Guidelines

For your delectation and delight, I bring you:

The Pantechnicon eZine Submissions Guidelines! (Woo! Yeah!)

* Short stories: 1,000 - 15,000 words.
* Novellas: 20,000 - 50,000 words - these would be split across multiple issues.
* Articles: 1,000 - 5,000 words.
* Reviews: 1,000 - 2,000 words.

If you wish to pitch for an article slot, we'll consider anything. You could produce an article on breaking into the market, selling your first piece, working with editors, or your piles of rejection letters. Perhaps you know a writer or editor and would be willing to interview him/her for us. You could be in a profession that is relevant to our genres and write an article on common clichés, what really happens at cemeteries, the future of current technologies, or the different types of faeries common to Russian folklore. Pitch an idea for an article, and if it grabs us, we'll take you up on it!

If you choose to pitch for reviews, we'd like to see reviews for the more obscure media out there (foreign films, little-known fantasy works, reference books, etc) as well as events (such as literary festivals and conventions). Your review can take up the whole 2,000 words or, if you wish to do shorter reviews, you can write three or four within the same slot. If you are reviewing an event, please include some photographs and the date, time, location, and details on the regularity of the event (monthly, annual, etc). If the event is a recurring one, include contact details for the organisers (website URL, email, or other such information that would allow readers to attend the next event).

* Artwork: Illustrations for stories, front and back covers.
* Photographs: Event / article accompaniments, author pictures, creative / manipulated imagery.

If you are pitching for artwork slots, please send us an example or two of your work (no larger than 10Mb in a single email), and we will contact you with an outline of the illustrations / covers we require. Do also advise us of how long you would need to complete a piece, as we may only have limited time to offer you on some items.

Feel free to pitch for any of the above, for as many pitches as you feel able to fulfil. Note that if you pitch for multiple slots, you will need to notify us of your preferred slot, as subsequent submissions will be used for later issues (so you'll have more time to write those ones). Similarly if you'd like to pitch, but want to shoot for a deadline beyond this September, do say so and we can hold you a slot in an issue that is more in line with your availability.

We will be operating as an editorial team, so be aware that any accepted submissions to the e-Zine will be subject to the editing process. We will not make any edits or cuts without your co-operation and permission, and we really aren't anything to be afraid of. We know that the prospect of having your work looked over by editors can be a daunting one, but rest assured that we are both gentle and helpful, as well as experienced editors, and are here to help your work become as good as it can be. We do expect a certain standard of spelling and punctuation before your submission hits us, as we'll be editing your work, not proof-reading it for you.

Please note that access to and download of this e-Zine will be completely free and, as such, we will not be generating any revenue. Therefore any work you do for us cannot (sadly) be paid for with cold hard cash. All we can offer you is the chance to be published alongside pro's (or, if you're a pro, to help talented amateurs get spotted).

We would prefer to recieve pitches for work that you have not had published elsewhere, but do advise us if you are submitting something that has already been published, and the location, dates, and rights associated with that prior publication. Do not send simultaneous submissions. Should your pitch be accepted (and hasn't been published previously), we will request First Internet Publication Rights to your work, but all other rights remain with you. For those new to publication, please also take time to look into the UK Copyright, Design and Patents act of 1988, and realise that to be legally identified as the author of your work is a right that you must assert - it is not bestowed automatically. Google can help you out on this one.

All submissions must be sent electronically. Email your item (or synopsis if your item is more than 2,000 words) to . Please advise us if you are writing under your real name or a nom de plume .

Welcome to the Pantechnicon LiveJournal Community!

Say hi everyone!

Yes, Pantechnicon now has a LiveJournal. We know not everyone wants to use our forums, so here's the option of LJing it to your heart's content :)

For those of new to the 'zine, Pantechnicon is all about promoting new writing talent. Here, for your delectation and delight, is Issue One's Editorial:

Welcome to issue one of Pantechnicon, the new quarterly eZine for writers and fans of horror, science fiction and fantasy. We're here to showcase some of the world's best new writing talent. Not only do we promise brand new stories and articles from the previously unpublished, but we also have award-winning professionals, all of whom have given up their time for free. We hope you enjoy issue one, and look forward to hearing from you. If you want to be a part of Pantechnicon, check out our Submissions Guidelines, or head on over to our forums and join in.

Andy Frankham-Allen and Trudi Topham, August 2006.